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WALX with Kerley is a friendly sociable walking club for all abilities. Exploring soft woodland paths, forest trails, hillforts and local parks enables us to savour the beauty of the natural world around us.  Sun filtering through trees, tinkling sounds of autumn leaves falling, bracing winds and bouncing rain; hot summer breezes and cool shady spots……….

Experience this as the background to achieving your goals led by friendly, professional and qualified WALX Masters and Guides .We will help you create long lasting healthier habits, improve your mental and physical wellness by becoming more active and  meeting likeminded people.

WALX  with Kerley cater for individuals who want a whole body workout. Walking with poles is a large part of our programmes as it is more effective than regular walking.  The upper body muscles and core muscles are used when walking with poles. We also use other equipment to achieve this, such as smoveys and pro x walkers.

However there are some sessions, OPEN walx where you can walk with or without poles or equipment

We try to include variety in our programme: Stop by a Mere or on a Hill and find a sense of calm with the 8 move flow sequence of Tai Chi movements for wellbeing or our Yoga WALX

Other types of WALX include

  • Explorer WALX – exploring new places and enjoying a cuppa and cake or pub stop.
  • Total Body WALX – working out the whole body with a variety of fun equipment (suitable for all)
  • Wellness WALX – gentle paced walks suitable for those who like a slow pace or who have health or mobility issues.
  • Nordic WALX – this is for our Freedom Passport members who have been taught to Nordic Walk and understand the power of the poles.  Beginner courses called “Power of Poles” are available.
  • Our WALX can include Tai chi movements for Wellbeing, Yoga WALX, Smoveys, ProXwalkers,
  • Community WALX-Whether you have been referred by your GP, are part of a specific project or simply want to enjoy whole body pole walking in your local park with local leaders our community WALX will help you to get you active outdoors.

    Using the amazing WALX Activator/Urban poles, you will be enjoying total body walking in no time and will be able to progress to join other WALX locally and right across the UK too!

We offer a full programme of activities throughout the week apart from Fridays and some weekends we join with other WALX groups to explore other areas of the Country as well as  taking part in WALX Festivals and Holidays.

Diane Sumner WALX GUIDE

I have always loved walking and when I worked full time most of my weekends and holidays would involve some form of outdoor activity, be it bagging Wainwright fells in the Lake District or completing long distance walks in the UK and abroad.

When I retired 3 years ago I spotted an advert for Kerley’s nordic walking in Delamere forest and decided to give it a go. What a revelation!  I had no idea how much more efficient walking with poles could be and how good a workout you could get as a result. I also found that with the wide variety of classes that Kerley and her Walx Guides offered it was easy to find a friendly class that suited my current fitness level.  I have been hooked ever since.

As a Walx Guide I hope to pass on my passion for walking and the many benefits of nordic walking in particular.

Diane leads walks in Delamere forest.

Pauline Cotton WALX GUIDE

My first introduction to Nordic Walking came as a respite exercise whilst home nursing my husband. Quickly realising what an efficient exercise it was for the whole body, anywhere on nearly all terrain’s, I looked for a regular group to join.

After, snapping an offer of a NW. UK Leadership Training in the Wirral sponsored by AGE UK, l regularly led a group, outside Chester.

Later on, through my voluntary involvement in the Neuro Therapy Centre, and Ted Rose’s membership,  Kerley set up the “Wellbeing” group in a local park near the NT. Centre.

Over the last few years, it has been a privilege to lead and observe the changes in the folks with Neurological conditions, post hip, heart and major surgery, utilising Nordic Walking as their rehab and regular exercise.

Truly remarkable changes and improvements of the walkers, posture, flexibility, muscle strengthening, and above all psychological “Well Being” cannot be denied, even by Consultants!

Most group members, recognise the importance of warm up, half time and cooling down exercises together with the fun sessions of “Smovies” within the one hour Nordic Walking sessions.

Yet, always the cuppa and conviviality of like minds and conditions in the park cafe is when the “gel” helps to share the load of living with difficult often incurable conditions.

Long may it continue. My thanks and appreciation to Kerley and Ted Rose for their leadership

and clear continued evidence of the appreciable difference Nordic Walking makes to their lives, and many others.


Walking with Kerley started for me in a local park, when I joined a Well Being Group because arthritis made walking very painful. At that time, I feared I would never again enjoy the kind of walking holidays and trips that had been central to my life.  After a few months,  I was nordic walking in  Majorca with a group of people I had never met before – Not only had my arthritic knees and hips loosened up and got stronger, but my confidence had grown enormously and I really enjoyed the social aspect of walking with a group. Woodland walking has been a revelation.  Although I have lived in Chester for over 25 years, I had no idea how magical forest walking can be, nor how knowledgeable Kerley is about her local environments. Nordic walking in the great outdoors has genuinely transformed my life and I am delighted to be learning to be a Walx Guide I hope to keep on walking and not look back (unless checking for stragglers) as long as I can. 


“I have never been a sporty type, but have always loved being out of doors and enjoy meeting new people. Back in 2008, a friend suggested doing a Nordic Walking taster session and I became immediately smitten. It has become a very important part of my life.

It doesn’t feel like exercise, but of course it is. The people I have met in the groups have been delightful. (I have a theory that only lovely people Nordic Walk.)  The other plus points are that both my posture and stamina have improved dramatically. I love being out in the countryside through the changing seasons.

Kerley is inspiring and very supportive. No matter what your level of fitness you are encouraged to enjoy and improve.”

Marian leads walks in Delamere Forest.



I took up Nordic walking on the recommendation of a friend after having problems with neck pain. I immediately became aware of the benefits of this activity and was hooked for life. I love the forest walks no matter what the weather; the company of other walkers and Kerley’s infectious enthusiasm for Nordic Walking. All of which lead me to becoming a WALX guide so I can share my passion for Woodland Walking when needed. When I am not out walking I work part-time for a Charity supporting teachers to confidently deliver Science to Primary age children and help them find inspiration in the world around them especially the outdoors.

Kathy is a qualified Yoga teacher and will be leading our YOGAWALX


I live in Runcorn and have Nordic Walked since retiring as a Pharmacist in 2014. I am a keen gardener and reader and enjoy travelling when permitted.

I was told about NW after a hip replacement operation, and, once I had been on my first walk, I was hooked. It’s not only about the pleasure of walking, but the company of others and also the social well-being aspect.
As I thoroughly enjoyed it I undertook the walks leader course and have enjoyed wellbeing classes ever since.
I had a second hip replacement operation in September 2018.

Rosemary works alongside Kerley at Castle Park Wellness Nordic WALX


I joined the Nordic Walking wellbeing group in 2015 after heart bypass surgery and now help as a walks guide. It’s been a perfect way to enjoy exercise in the company of interesting like minded people. Kerley’s leadership and experience has ensured all participants have benefited both physically and mindfully. People have differing levels of ability and stamina but everyone enjoys the same sense of enjoyment from being in the fresh air together.

Duncan works alongside Kerleyin  CastlePark, Frodsham  Wellness Nordic WALX


Paul describes himself as a mature retired person who took up Nordic Walking on medical advice. He enjoys walking generally and having  benefitted  from  using poles is now a walk leader, helping the team support a range of clients in Widnes’ Victoria park. He is a great asset, friendly, reliable and always keen to help.


Hi. My name is Glyn Parry I have been a walk leader for Kerley since 2016, I started Nordic walking in the Wellbeing group about 2015 and really  enjoyed it. I had recently had spinal surgery and found using poles perfect to help build up the strength in my back. They take the pressure off your joints too..  Becoming a Walk leader/ WALX guide  seemed a natural progression. It enabled me give back something to Kerley after her excellent training and time to teach me the correct way to use Nordic poles. The group is also a wonderful way to meet new friends and expand your social life, we always finish off in the cafe for coffee and a chat.

Glyn leads Nordic Wellness WALX at Runcorn Hill

Elizabeth Kerley WALX Master

Known to all as Kerley

Kerley has a nursing and scouting background and started her Nordic walking business in 2010.  After a long career break to raise 4 sons, Kerley was looking for a change in direction. She loved Nordic walking as soon as she tried it.

From walking her dogs and from learning to ride, Kerley had found that being exposed to natural light improved her energy levels. Nordic walking enabled her to work outside and reap the benefits from being in the natural environment. She finds that Nordic walking is a great way to lift the spirits, relieve stress, increase activity and fitness levels in a sociable and fun way and also forge long lasting friendships. She hopes  Nordic walking will enable her to be active well into her eighth and  ninth decade like some of her members.

Kerley has completed the Heads up For Parkinsons ,Yoga WALX  Tai chi movements for  Wellbeing,   Isometric Exercise Instuctor  and Basic of Strength and Conditioning  training and has a level 3  Exercise Referral for Specific Controlled Conditions.

“If you don’t make time for exercise, you’ll probably have to make time for illness”

Robin Sharma



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